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Featuring IR4.0 in Horeca, Industry trends and technical knowledge transfer for local and export markets of Machinery, Methodology, Digitalisation, Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), E-commerce and Halal Accreditation. Consultations on Funding options and tax Incentives for local and foreign investors will also be discussed. Technical knowledge transfer Key Industry mentors inspiring start-ups.

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IR 4.0: Kearah keuntungan di Sektor Pertanian Dan Agrotani

Industri Asas Tani dan Kulinari merupaan salah satu sumber ekonomi terbesar di antara perniagaan Kecil Sederhana di Malaysia. Pada era digital saat ini, industri ini perlu menghadapi cara ia boleh melompat ke era industri 4.0 dengan melibatkan digital dalam proses perkembangannya. Dalam era revolusi industri 4.0 ini, sumber daya manusia diharap mampu mengembangkan pertanian dan bidang kulinari dengan peralatan berdasarkan digital untuk memaksimakan pekerjaan manusia. Dalam pada masa yang sama, ciri-ciri Halal Toyyiban dan HACCP dapat di tingkatkan.

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One Belt One Road Collaboration

China is Malaysia’s largest trading partner for the last 10 years. Malaysia is the fourth largest and third most affluent country in South East Asia with a thick middle class which remains the fastest growing social class. 2019 herald promising China-Malaysia agricultural cooperation framework, and reached consensus on promoting agricultural investment, enhancing agricultural trade cooperation, promoting exchanges and cooperation in agricultural science and technology as well as carrying out cooperation in such fields as postproduction processing of agricultural products, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, fishing, aquaculture, pesticide management certification and multilateral and regional food and agriculture governance.

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